We want our customers to be at their best!

  • Our mission is to provide customers with solutions that optimize the on-board experience.

  • This includes solutions such as VSAT Internet connectivity, integrated data and voice services, 4/5 G data, global TV and entertainment systems.

    • The VSAT service is based on seasonal use according to customers' needs​

    • 1 month is minimum contract period

    • No lay-up fee

    • No new connection fee

    • VOIP number can be kept all year for a small monthly fee

  • We acknowledge that time has become the most valuable asset for people and businesses. Critical operations depend on detailed planning and execution according to defined time frames. MNS customers value our focus on efficiency and cost.

  • Our aim is to offer our customers the best and most cost-efficient solutions for their increasingly more demanding operations.

  • ​The platform behind us, ensures a proven stable solution with world leading infrastructure. We use several simultaneous beams in every area, to give you the best service. Working with C, KU, KA and L-band, we offer all the latest technologies.

MNS WorldData SIM Activation - Choose your amount of Roaming Data on top

MNS WorldData SIM Activation - Choose your amount of Roaming Data on top


One massive link

Control at your fingertips

Selected basics for perfection

Dazzling Light
TV Screens
Security Camera

MNS Fusion

  • Get the most out of your system by combining several connections

  • Control the internet access to maintain the quality and speed for prioritized users

  • Remote

    • Diagnostics

    • Troubleshooting

    • Maintenance

  • Reliable 4G Connection & 4G SIM with free roaming

TV and entertainment

At MNS we design and supply bespoke entertainment systems making the experience an extravaganza for guests and life hassle-free for the crew.

  • Easy and intuitive control

  • Multi zone remote to control entertainment and comfort

  • The ability to integrate lighting, aircon, blinds etc.

Network, security and IT

  • IT Infrastructure

  • PepLink Certified Partner

  • Surveillance systems

  • Iridium and Fleet Broadband

  • Tender and yacht tracking

  • Marine computers and displays

  • Onboard WiFi

  • Vessel to shore WiFi connection


Above & Beyond

MNS has always offered great technical service and back up on my last 2 yachts, as well as installation and service help, they have been on the end of the phone to talk us through issues when we really needed them. Recommended!


Phil Lougher, Captain of Paraiso